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Yatay Kauçuk Enjeksiyon Pres

MAPLAN edition and editionS Horizontal machine series

Rubber injection moulding machines for the production of o-rings and sealing elements in fully automatic production; highest accuracy and efficiency, low maintenance

Horizontal machines for fully automatic production of sealing elements and moulded articles.

A machine concept which is based on the latest technological standards sets new standards in terms of performance and economy. The generously dimensioned rigid clamping unit enables flash-free production of sealing elements and moulded articles.

Product range

Fully automatic production of O-rings, sealing elements and moulded articles made of elastomers with a dosing volume of 130 cm3 to 8600 cm3.

Control technology

The PC5000touch control with intuitive touch screen interface opens up new dimensions in optimization of the injection moulding process.


Cool Drive II energy-saving servo-hydraulic drive system for energy-efficient and highly dynamic production in all editionsS types.


Efficient brushing and ejection systems for economic and fully automatic demoulding of the parts.

The MAPLAN FIFO Rubber injection unitStandard equipmentOptions

Other options can be requested; please refer to the PC5000touch folder for more control options
*editionS type, **edition type

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