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Scrappix - Çift Traflı Kontrol


Scrappix is an innovative visual inspection machine for the dimensional and surface control of circular and other shape components. Scrappix is the most advanced product today and is able to check all the surfaces of the piece. The equipment is controlled by a PC managed by an operating system Real-Time (RTAI-Linux) that make both the elaborations on the images and the interaction with the operator through simple and intuitive windows interface. The system Real-Time offers a good stability to the system and extremely elevated control speed.
The images are captured by digital industrial cameras and are transferred, without losses or interferences to the PC through connection Firewire.
The loading device delivers the pieces to check on a conveyor belt where a motorised diverter will move the parts onto the rotating table.
The machine can be employed for the control of high precision gaskets in rubber, PTFE, metal and other materials within the limits of the vision field.



After thickness control through a barrage laser, the capture images and the following elaboration, the pieces are sorted in the different areas of accumulation depending on their pass/fail criteria or they can be reworked.
You can view real time statistics and all production times, the number and the type of defects and the state of filling of the accumulation zones, it is possible to print and save the production reports with graphics and statistic data and to send them to a management system for subsequent processing. The statistic software elaborates the data and calculates the values of production capability (CPK), furnishing a feed-back on the production parameters.
Machine downtime is kept to a minimum by the ease of cleaning and component changing together with the storing of all configuration parameters.
ScrappiX can also work as single table.


Illumination is double crown flash led:
-digital regulation of the bright intensity for inside and outside surfaces.
-possibility to control piece reflection
-good precision of dimensional and surface control
-no decadence of the bright intensity


The barrage laser is able to measure with extreme accuracy the height and planarity of the piece scanning the pieces along all of its dimension.
The elevated precision of measure is achieved using algorithms of elaboration of the signal that allow to eliminate the imperfections of the rotating table oscillations.

Control's software for complex shape pieces
The software for the interpretation and the control of components with complex shape allows the recognition of planar rotation of the pieces. It also recognizes the top and bottom sides and independently process the image of the piece regardless of load position.

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