What is nPATH™

For life scientists and clinicians who analyze large or high volumes of tissue sections or research specimens, the nPATH™ is a rapid, scanning, optical microscope offering a highly customizable and easy to use means of processing, analyzing and sharing images complimented by exceptional service and technical support. Biology and pathology laboratories are full of optical microscopes, from the very basic to the highly complex. Generally these instruments are fine-tuned for manual inspection. nPATH™ is a Nanotronics Imaging solution that turns a functional biology lab into a highly efficient, automated one replete with objective and quantitative results. The variety of applications requires several different potential configurations. Nanotronics Imaging can work in unique ways to provide those solutions.

nPATH™ +

Bring speed and clarity to your research with the nPATH +™ system.  As the title suggests, nPATH + includes the full hardware and software solutions available perfect for high volume pathology and medical research labs. There are three basic components which make up this system.

1. The Hardware We use only the highest quality optics from the world’s leaders in microscopy including Nikon. We couple the optics with high resolution cameras for image capture and analysis. By high resolution we do not mean just a high number of megapixels, but high spatial resolution - the ability to discern small variances. We combine great optics and photo-microscopy with lighting to meet demanding applications. Wavelengths can be chosen and light paths selected to optimize resolution and imaging requirements. The hardware, along with the software provide for high throughput, which is one of the key advantages of nPATH and nPATH™ + . This guaranties that you can run large quantities of tests without the need for interference by the operator. As an example, our slide holder can hold 12 slides allowing the operator begin the scan and walk away. We can even provide an automated system for multiple slide holders. In 15 minutes the scans will be completed, and analyses already taking place.

2. The Software - We have developed a large set of tools which detect cells, morphology of cells, dendrite structure, membrane porosity, tissue structure and limitless other possible variants in a specimen. The software is highly configurable so that as a user ofnPATH™ you can easily set conditions for characterizing specimen. nPATH™ software will come with libraries of analyzers, which are predefined image recognition functions, however altering these, and creating your own takes very little time. Your researcher can learn to configure those settings with virtually no training.

3. Technical Service - We have experts in our software available to support the client by helping to create analyzers, and to find unique lighting, and hardware solutions. These people will install on site, and provide software updates regularly.



Many labs have spent a lot of time and money on purchasing a microscope that best meets specific applications. In these cases an nPATH™ + may not provide the best solution. Adding the power of nPATH™to the power of an existing instrument provides something better than either would have done alone. For us, this means a slight hardware change by adding our movement devices, and cameras, and the addition of thenPATH™ software. This way all of the high throughput features available on nPATH™ will be available on your microscope. 


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