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Mooney Viskometre

Mooney Check Profile - PC
Mooney Viscometer controlled by Personal Computer.

The mooney viscometer is a shearing-disc viscometer, which permits to measure the Mooney viscosity, Pre-curing (scorch) and Stress Relaxation Charact eristics
of uncompounded or compounded rubbers.
The test is carried out by measuring the torque, which has to be applied under specified temperature and pressure conditions, in order to rotate a metal disc at 2rpm speed
in the cylindrical test chamber filled with rubber
The resistance offered by the rubber to this rotation is expressed as the Mooney viscosity of the test piece.""""

Instrument Characteristics
Easily accessible test chamber with transparent safety panel and safety lock.
Test chamber and rotor in compliace with international standards. 
Dir ect test chamber heating controlled by thermoregulators with PID microprocessor with O.1 °C accuracy. 
Automatic rotor expulsion system.
Automatic calibration with calibrated weight incorporated in the instrument.
Designed for eventual application of a fume aspiration system.

Volumetric Die Cutter
Polyester or Poliamide Film for test execution""""

Gibitre-MooneyCheck software
Graphic representation of the Viscosity, Scorch and Stress Relaxation curves in the linear plane, of the stress relaxation curve in the bilogarithmic diagram and of the temperatures in the upper and lower test chambers.
Customizable test procedure with possibility of selecting up to 20 test results to be stored and printed (see table).
Display and printing in different colours of the relative test curves for rapid test identification.
Checking of whether results comply with tolerance limits and relative statistical analysis (Mean, St.dev., Max, Min, Cp, Cpk).
Automatic generation of tolerance limits from statistical analysis (mean and standard deviation) of stored results."""

ASTM D 1646; ISO 289-1/2/3/4; 
DIN 53 523

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