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Micro Compounder

Micro compounders

Xplore high quality, twin screw micro compounders are fully-fledged material processing machines that fit on a laboratory bench or in a fume cupboard. 

The core of the compounders is a vertical positioned liquid-tight barrel with two easily detachable, conical mixing screws. Both screws and housing are specially engineered to minimize wear and to resist chemicals in a wide temperature range. The robust design ensures the generation of reproducible and stable data for years. The vertical position of the liquid-tight barrel allows the processing of low viscous fluids down to ca. 10 Pa.s.

The compounder, MC 5, has the smallest sample capacity in the world, 2 ml* or 5 ml. Our proprietary Vari-Batch™ feature allows you select a batch volume between 2 and 5 ml, potentially cutting your sample costs by half. The larger compounder, MC 15, can handle larger samples and has an even stronger motor and a maximum screw torque of 18 Nm.

Key features

* Proprietary Xplore technology, IP protected

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