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Kauçuk, LSR, Silikon, TPE

LIM Liquid SiliconeMAPLAN LIM edition and editionS horizontal machine series

Injection moulding machines for processing liquid silicones, highest product quality, user friendly, low maintenance 

LIM injection moulding machines for liquid silicone applications

The latest milestone in the development of a machine series with a long record of success: An all-new injection system that offers highest precision, compact design and ease of maintenance never before achieved.

LIM injection unit

The LIM technology for cost-effective production of liquid silicone parts. Technological leadership, ease of operation and maintenance, highest precision, compact design.

Product range

Production of moulded parts from LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) at injection volumes up to 400 cm3.

Easy maintenance

Cleaning of injection unit in a few easy steps - complete disassembly for cleaning takes only a few minutes.

Process technology

Liquid tempering for nozzle cap and injection chamber. Best processing conditions for high-viscosity and high-filled LSR materials.


FIFO system, highest precision and compact design.

Standard equipmentOptions

Further options on request

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