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Kameralı Ölçüm Cihazları

Micro-Vu Corporation designs and manufactures a broad line of measuring machines including Automated Vision Systems, Manual Video Systems, and Optical Comparators. These non-contact and contact measurement systems use video and touch probe inputs to perform high precision 2D and 3D measurements. What type of system is right for you?

Companies around the world purchase Micro-Vu machines for quality assurance and incominginspection applications. Customers include leaders in Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Medical Components, Military Hardware, Plastics, and Metal Working.

Micro-Vu video measurement systems are used to inspect a wide variety of materials, parts, and assemblies, from sheet-metal to PCBs, from injected plastics to computer chips, from o-rings to machined metals. Watch our videos.

Visit your local Micro-Vu dealer or a trade show near you. See how easy it is to use InSpec Metrology Software. InSpec seamlessly combines touch probe and vision measurements on our multisensor measurement machines. Touch probe setup, calibration, and measurements are easier than on most probe-only CMMs.

Try InSpec Metrology Software 2.XX !!! It's EASY to use and POWERFUL too. Really!!! Micro-Vu has THOUSANDS of installations of InSpec world wide. InSpec 2.XX combines more than ten years of user input with the standards of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. Standard features include DXF import/export, reporting, password protection, and 3D capabilities. Customers learn point-and-click "programming" after minimal training.

If You Can See It, We Can Measure It.

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