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Kalix -Profil Projeksiyon


The Kalix visual inspection machine is suitable for the automatic measurement of component of every shape, without any contact, trough manual loading and unloading.
No-contact measurement is the precious feature of the machine to measure dimensions through artificial vision systems and obtaining the required information directly from images. Kalix is suitable for measuring rubber gaskets, PTFE seals, metal parts and most other components within the limits of the field of view.
Operation is recommended throughout the production process, the acceptance of every working phase and for the final certification in the laboratory for samples and production series.


Kalix is equipped with a firewire camera with a resolution up to 5 MPixel and with a fiel of view up to 160x160 mm.
It has got bi-telecentric lenses very low distortion and a collimated light.
The support is an aluminium undercarriage with wheels, while the measuring parts are placed on a glass sliding surface.
Typical installations are delivered with a current PC , running Windows XP Professional and a 17" LCD touch screen.The system is fitted also with a printer and UPS group.

The software allows to set and store the parameters for every single article so they can be used for the subsequent batches.

Control and measurement of more pieces contemporarily

Program of ControlOptional: Control and measurement of complex pieces

Dimensional control software for inspection of parts with non circular profile:

Optional: Laser device for thickness controlProgram of control

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