EXAKT 50 Easy Clean

Individual customer recipes - distinct and individual

Individual recipes of medical and cosmetic ointments permit the selective use of ingredients for specific applications and the personal requirements of patients.  They are distinct, an expression of pharmaceutical independence and expertise, and therefore an effective means to maintain customer loyalty. 

Ointments, the way they should be

For decades EXAKT ointment mills have been the standard for quality in the production of high-quality suspension ointments and emulsions, to do justice to all pharmaceutical requirements. 

Easy to clean

Cleaning is made easy with the EXAKT 50 Easy Clean. The entire roller set is easily removed and can then be cleaned under running water, for example.

The distances of the rollers to the frame are generously designed to make cleaning comfortable and easy. All surfaces in the processing area are made of stainless steel. 

It is also possible to work with several roller sets on one unit, to avoid downtimes during the change of material; for example. 

Easy to use

The EXAKT 50 Easy Clean is an ointment mill designed for really easy operation giving a consistent result. The premixed ointment is fed via the hopper or directly between the feeding and the center roller, is pulled in and then finely dispersed. The ointment sticks to the bottom of the second roller, from where it is transported to the second roller gap, pulled in again and homogenized a second time and dispersed even finer. The scraper system removes the finished product from the third roller. 

Perfect result

Processing quality and reproducibility are ensured through precise control and the uniform feeding of the product. This additionally makes the process low-loss and clean.

Safe and durable

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