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Doku Kesme Sistemleri

Due to increasing technological development, more and more material combinations (composites) are used in industrial areas today. The list of material combinations that can be cut and therefore of the applications for our saws has thus expanded dramatically. Our response to this is the further enhancement and expansion of our saws to meet your needs.

Our diamond band saws (not to be confused with wire saws!) have proven themselves over the years, especially for cutting difficult materials and material combinations in materials research and development, quality assurance, production, and medical implant research.


The decisive advantages for you:

The saws are available in both CL (= Contact Line) and also in CP (=Contact Point). Which system you choose depends on the one hand on the size of your sample, and on the other hand on your requirements for a cut result. We will be glad to advise you with respect to areas of application and we can do tests in our laboratory.

EXAKT 300 CP/R with reversing drive

For quick, clean cuts of composites. Especially those composites which combine hard and soft materials (such as metals and plastics) can be cut well with the EXAKT 300 CP/ R. The interface between the individual materials and the workpiece contour can be depicted very well. A reversing cutting band, which changes its direction cyclically, cuts off any burrs that might have formed.

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