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Aşınma Cihazı

Abrasion Check
Abrasion tester in compliance with ISO 4649, ASTM D 5963 ( DIN 53 516) standards

DIN 53 516, 
ASTM D 5963

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Standards the instrument complies with

ISO 4649, DIN 53 516, ASTM D 5963

Test Type

Test with/without sample holder rotation
Test with 500 or 1000 g load

Safety Devices

Polycarbonate cover of the drum with automatic safety block
Safety pushbutton

Sample Holder

Sample holder with closure regulation

Power Supply

220 VAC ±10%,50 Hz ±3,4 A,single phase - 110 VAC ±10%, 60 Hz ±3 on request.

Electrical Power 0.4 KW

Motor Reducer

The electronic motor controller installed ensures precise control of rotation speed

Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) 950 x 380 x 420 mm Weight 75 Kg

Drum release

The Mechanical release of rotating drum facilitates emery cloth replacement and instrument cleaning


Calibration Report with traceability to primary standards


A millesimal scale (not included) is used to calculate the reduction in volume of the specimen


The abrasion test gives a comparative evaluation of the resistance to the abrasion of specimens made of vulcanised rubber, plastic and differentmaterials.
The abrasion on a standard specimen is obtained through the use of a certified abrasive paper on a rotating drum with a standard test cycle.
A millesimal scale (not included) is needed to calculate the reduction in volume of the specimen.""""

Instrument characteristics
The Abrasion Check is supplied with weights of 0.5 and 1 kg to carry out different tests foreseen by the standards
The instrument is supplied with anelectronic motor controller for precise regulation of the drum’s rotating speed
The drum's release system facilitates replacement of the abrasive paper and cleaning of the instrument.
The special design of the sample holder with regulation of closure ensures correct holding of the sample.
The protective front panel ensures the instrument is in compliance with EU safety requirements""""

Mould or cutter for the creation of specimens in compliance with standards
Reference specimens made with certified rubber """""

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